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Dog with Hearts, Handmade Spun Cotton Figurine

Dog with Hearts, Handmade Spun Cotton Figurine

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This adorable miniature dog figurine hugs a handcrafted heart made of spun cotton, and thanks to his lengthy tail, he can stand on his own. The hearts are separate pieces, which you can interchange and let rest on the dog's paw. Includes three hearts as shown. If you'd prefer one of the larger hearts to be attached permanently, please note when placing order and it will be attached for you.

This figurine was created using a century old craft developed in Germany during the Victorian era known as Spun Cotton. The process includes creating a wire armature and molding cotton fibers around the ornament, finishing with paint and embellishments.

Hand-crafted by Samantha Corcoran

Approximate Dimensions: Stands 5.5"H x 2.25"W x 2.5"Deep (with tail)

Please keep dry, avoid contact with water. Not a toy for children. 

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