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Mystic Multi-color Butterfly Handmade Spun Cotton Ornament

Mystic Multi-color Butterfly Handmade Spun Cotton Ornament

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Let your spirit soar with this multi-colored tie-dye style handmade spun cotton butterfly!

This butterfly is lovingly created in the style of the centuries old craft known as Spun Cotton. This technique was developed in Germany during the Victorian era. The process includes molding cotton fibers over recycled cardboard and wire, once dry its finished with decorative painting.


Dimensions: 4.75"High x 6.5"Wide

Lightly painted with aged tones of red, turquoise, orange and yellow.

Ready to hang, with wire on the back to tie on.

Indoor only. Avoid contact with water. Not a toy for children.

The front and back of the butterfly are different, both sides are painted with acrylic paint. There's a wire on the back so the butterfly can be tied onto a tree as an ornament, or tied onto a gift or wreath. 

Hand-crafted, one of a kind by Samantha Corcoran. 







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