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Trio of Mushrooms, Handmade Spun Cotton Ornament Set

Trio of Mushrooms, Handmade Spun Cotton Ornament Set

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Decorate any space with this cheery trio of brightly painted miniature mushrooms, handmade with joy in a vintage-inspired fashion using spun cotton.

Set includes three mushrooms. The burgandy mushroom is sprinkled with mica, the red sprinkled with glitter and the bright pink is left as paint only for a soft velvety look.

These ornaments were created using a century old craft developed in Germany during the Victorian era known as Spun Cotton. The process includes creating a wire armature and molding cotton fibers around the ornament, finishing with paint and embellishments.

Hand-crafted by Samantha Corcoran

Approximate Dimensions:

2.5"H x 1.25"W

Please keep dry, avoid contact with water. Not a toy for children. 


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